WATER SKI Barefoot Etc. offers professional coaching and training to skiers and competitors in barefoot water skiing (up to world level), to those who aspire to become a barefoot water skier and to those who want to learn the basics of slalom skiing, wakeboarding and show skiing (up to intermediate level).


Of course, you can also come and just have fun with sky skiing, knee boarding, wake skating, trick skiing or whatever weird skiing technique you want to perform behind the boat (as long as it is responsible!). 


We help intermediate skiers to stabilize their basis and to go about the next steps with the same dedication like we train competitors. Beginners initially learn to trust the element of water by "playing around". After they first have visited Barefoot Etc., they do not only take home basic capabilities of water skiing, but, most likely, they also take home their new hobby.




  Barefoot water skiing 




Slalom skiing 






Show skiing 


All water ski sports have one thing in common: we are using an element. Natural elements do not adjust to our mood, capability or will. We have to adjust by respecting the individual "character" of the element we are playing with. Since water is "passive" (it does not carry us like the wind does with a kite) we have to be purposeful. We have to balance a lot as the water gives way. All in all, we have to learn not to fight it, because we would loose. If we want to use nature to our benefit we have to learn understanding the natural law. Our training is based upon this principle.


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